Look for a Timeshare Sale for a Great Vacation Opportunity

A vacation is not just a time for leisure and relaxation but also a wonderful break from the monotony of daily life. For those who love traveling, a timeshare provides affordable and convenient vacations. You can find timeshares for exotic locations from some well established companies or even look for timeshare sale from existing owners for destinations that you would like to visit. If you do not already own a timeshare, here are some good reasons why you should. It is not a difficult task to find a timeshare that offers you a chance to visit your dream locations.


A timeshare is a very flexible way to vacation. This flexibility is further enhanced by the numerous timeshare exchange companies that operate in the U.S. An exchange company is one that lets you swap your timeshare for another. If you are bored of visiting the same location year after year, then just exchange it for a different, more exciting one. There are many ways in which you can do this:

  • Exchange with members of the same timeshare company, through the company
  • Exchange with members of affiliates of the timeshare company or exchange company
  • Exchange directly with members of your own timeshare company without going through the company for the transaction

Carrying out your exchange through an exchange company with many affiliates gives you a much wider selection to choose from. You get to visit different locations without actually undertaking a timeshare sale.


Without a timeshare, you need to invest a lot of money and effort to arrange for accommodation at your destination well in time. Once you get there, you may find that the hotel or room falls short of the standards you had in mind at the time of booking. At times, you may even discover, upon arriving at your destination, that you don’t have a room because your advance booking has been accidentally overlooked. These problems will never crop up when you own a timeshare. You are guaranteed accommodation during a specific time annually and there are no rude shocks with respect to the quality of these accommodations.


A time share is a cost effective way to make your vacation memorable. Imagine visiting exotic locales on your own without having to spend a small fortune. Just paying the hotel bills can inflate your expenses to unaffordable proportions. Even if you do enough research about prices at your vacation spot, seasonal fluctuations can skew all your calculations. Instead of undertaking the anxiety filled task of booking expensive hotel rooms, opt for a timeshare to get a fair priced accommodation at a destination of your choice.

Buying timeshare

There are many timeshare companies that offer timeshare sale with availability listings online. Compare prices, amenities and other features to get a good idea of the fair price for the timeshare. Such listings make it easy for you to identify and opt for the right timeshares, making your vacation truly memorable.

Insure Your Travel – Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Travel suppliers try to up-sell you to take a trip cancellation plan when you book travel with them. If you are like most travelers you are not sure if this is a good idea or not. The answer depends on your personal needs. A person who is going to spend 6 months to a year abroad has a totally different insurance need than a person making a single short vacation trip.

It is a good idea to plan for the unexpected and this is the reason for your travel agent suggesting the purchase of travel insurance. (Of course, they get paid for it just like they do for booking the trip). Again there is nothing wrong with their suggestion or your purchase of trip cancellation insurance. I personally have purchased it at times and at other times have not. When my wife had been ill and we had a 3 week trip planned for a visit to China a few years back, I felt it was a necessity to get travel insurance. At the time of the trip she was fine and we did not need to use the trip cancellation insurance, but we were glad we had it. Whether you need or buy the insurance is a matter of personal preference and how important to you the completion of your planned trip is.

Travel insurance serves many purposes and should be designed to meet your individual needs. Insurance plans are most commonly gotten by travelers going on single trips like cruises, tours, flights, etc. For this purpose, a traveler usually gets a Package Plan which covers trip cancellation, baggage, medical, dental, emergency evacuation, baggage delay, accidental death coverage, and often additional items. But there are other additional types of travel plans you might wish to consider.

  • Travel Medical Plans – Similar to the package plans but cover cover travel up to a year in length
  • Flight Accident Plans – Flight accident plans, usually for a single trip
  • Multi-Trip Medical Plans – Covers multiple trips, with individual trips having length restrictions
  • Medical Evacuation Plans – Provide emergency medical evacuation to an appropriate care facility
  • Business Package Plans – For individual business travelers and small companies with traveling employees
  • Major Medical Travel Plans – For travelers going abroad for at least 6 months who need more permanent insurance
  • Accidental Death Plans – Usually written for a specific trip

Each type of insurance may be underwritten by various insurance companies. You can research the types individually, looking up each insurance company who offers a particular type (not the best use of your time when preparing for a trip), or you can use a service which offers comparative plans from several insurers.

An example of such a service is InsureMyTrip.Com. At the time of writing this article, they represented 18 different companies from which you could get comparative quotes. You can get quotes and actually purchase the different types of travel insurance from this site or you can use it to gather further information. The worst that can happen is that you become more educated on travel insurance.

Good luck on your travels and may the wind always be at your back.

Lamar Ross is an author, educator, photographer, internet entrepreneur, and international traveler. He has a special interest in training individuals for expatriate living and providing information on unique travel destinations. He has lived in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and India and has traveled extensively in 29 different countries. He speaks both English and Spanish fluently and has a basic ability in several other languages.

Looking For an Adventure Travel Destination?

Travelers who wish to re-chart the known world are often bored lifeless by the museum tours, temple visits and laid-back hospitality offered in common or popular holiday hotspots. These vacationers who feel stifled by the urban or suburban vacation and are instead looking for an adrenaline rush might find avenues for such excitement in the most surprising of places.

Two-hundred kilometers (124 miles) south of Berlin, for example, lies the Saxon Switzerland National Park, an adventure playground that startles visitors with its high sandstone cliffs and virgin forest land. This park boasts 400 kilometers (248 miles) of hiking trails; 50 kilometers (31 miles) of biking trails and around 750 climbing locations. Visitors can go kayaking in a secluded gorge or hike up a fortress built in the 13th century that has since been used as a state prison and war camp. By far the hottest outdoor attraction in this national park is rock climbing; it is even believed to be the place where “free climbing” (a technique in which ropes and harnesses are only used to protect against falls) was invented.

From Germany, heading east and then southward, to Australia, visitors will find yet another national park that is chock full of outdoor adventures. In Kakadu National Park, located in one of the most remote parts of Australia, you will find majestic waterfalls, startling gorges and almost one-fourth of the continent’s mammal species. Local aboriginal guides can lead you through the park, showing you the crocodiles, kangaroos and bandicoots that inhabit the park, or share stories of bush life. Kakadu has a tropical climate, divided into two seasons, wet and dry. During the rainy season the area experiences more lightning strikes than anywhere else in the world, and storm-watchers can choose to watch these spectacular, raging storms from atop a waterfall or from some of the impressive, rural campgrounds in the park.

Travelers looking for the kind of thrill that tests one’s inner strength and fortitude might don three layers of “polar clothing” and their most forbearing countenance and head to the “Edge of the World.” Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, located south of the tip of Africa, offers some of the most daunting weather conditions and desolate-seeming landscapes in the world. Though travel via air or sea into Antarctica is only permitted during the summer months and tourism is not technically legal on the continent, private groups nonetheless organize tourist-related activities. Those willing to pay exorbitant prices can go on skiing trips to the South Pole or mountaineering expeditions in the Humboldt Mountains. Otherwise, the physical isolation, almost perennially frozen waters, and frequent blizzards in the area offer to ever-questing travelers a fear factor unheard of in most parts of the charted world.

Best Way to Enjoy Timeshare Vacations – For Free!

The best way to enjoy a vacation at all is to stay at a timeshare instead of a hotel. The difference between a timeshare and a hotel is that hotels are just a place for you to sleep and shower, and a timeshare is actually a condo that resembles a home away from home. It’s all about comfort and relaxation, which you can get more of when you stay at a timeshare.

There are a few ways you can go about enjoying a timeshare vacation. You can either buy one, or you can rent one.

If you buy a timeshare, you have to shell out at least $15,000 for the initial purchase price, and then you pay annual fees on it for the rest of your life. If at any point in time you decide you don’t want it anymore, you’ll find that it will be hard to sell because timeshares aren’t worth very much once they’re used. For this reason, timeshare owners usually end up putting their vacation properties up for rent in hopes of breaking even or getting some kind of return on their supposed investment at the end of the year.

If you rent a timeshare instead of buying one, you won’t have to worry about lifetime annual fees or any of the burdens of owning a timeshare. Instead you can visit discount travel websites or look for timeshares for rent. There are plenty of timeshare rental sites that that rent timeshares. When you rent a timeshare, you may be paying roughly the same rate per night as a hotel charges, but at least you are getting more for your money. You’d be lucky if you could find anything for less than $100 a night anywhere in this economy.

The best way, however, to enjoy a timeshare vacation is if you didn’t have to pay for the accommodations at all. Free timeshare vacations are plentiful and are essentially vacations that offer you free accommodations in hotels and resorts in exchange for a few hours of your time attending a timeshare presentation.

While free timeshare vacations may seem free, in theory, the only thing you are really covered for is the cost of renting a room. You are still responsible for taxes, transportation costs and the cost of food, drinks, shopping and extracurricular activities. Though it’s not a completely free vacation, it’s definitely a cheaper vacation in comparison to renting a room and paying for the accommodations yourself.

When you’re getting luxury for a cost you can actually afford, why bother with buying or renting a timeshare when you can get the accommodations alone for the cost of nothing.