Timeshare Vs Retail Travel Vs Travel Clubs

The first option we will look at in the travel industry is timeshares. You will spend $15000 to $40000 for new membership fees, or on resale, $9000 to $15000 plus the yearly fees. This is for one or two weeks per year, and mostly there are blackout times that you cannot use the facility. If you would like to go to a different part of the world and use a different facility within the particular origination you are in, there is a fee for that as well. This form of vacationing comes with the highest overall cost.

Another option is to use retail travel outlets either online, such as Expedia or Travelocity. Also there are many other online companies that offer this form of travel requirement. Also there are offline with a travel agency to help in vacation needs. These will typically cost $1000 per week and up depending what part of the world you want to go, and the luxury of the resort. With this option you can travel any time and any where you would like, and as much as you wish. This can be a costly way to vacation as well.

The other option that is available is a travel club. Some of these can get quite expensive, depending on the exclusivity of the club. There are others travel clubs that are quite affordable. There is a lower membership fee, however there are no service fees. The only other costs are the resort fees, which range from $300 to $700 per week. Some of the benefits to this type of vacationing is that you can vacation any time and as much as you wish with no blackouts. The resorts are the same calibre and mostly the same resorts that are available to timeshare owners and even some high end exclusive club resorts. The price of membership can be recouped within a couple of vacations. From there on it is just savings.

In summary you have multiple options for vacationing. You can choose the timeshare route, at a fairly high cost of ownership and very restrictive. You can choose using a retail travel outlet, with fewer restrictions, but is still fairly high cost of ownership over a longer period of time. Or you can choose the other alternative, which is a travel club. These tend to have the least restrictions. They also can be quite affordable and have the lowest cost of ownership over time.

Timeshare Promotions – Your Chance For a Free Holiday!

The recent economy has drastically affected the vacation industry and timeshare promotions. Timeshare companies have made changes to their marketing packages by increasing the value you receive in exchange for attending a timeshare sales presentation. Most of us know that time share companies will provide discount vacation packages to popular travel destinations to attract potential buyers to the properties. Current timeshare promotions are offering bigger discount vacation packages while downplaying the typical old style hard sell presentation.

Timeshare companies find it profitable to sell discounted vacation packages at a loss, as a way to recruit new owners. Timeshares are considered a good idea as they provide the most value for your vacation dollar, plus you usually end up in a luxurious villa at the location of your choice with great service and amenities.

You definitely are thinking smart and long term when you take advantage of a well researched timeshare promotion. The low down is basically this: buy a timeshare and get tomorrow’s luxury resort vacation at today’s prices for a lifetime. Your cost of future vacations has essentially been frozen to the price of your timeshare and the annual maintenance fee. Time of year and location desirability are the two factors that determine your purchase price. Average prices range on the low end from 7K for a studio to 40K for a three-bedroom unit, according to timeshare giant RCI and I’ve seen units in beautiful locations for much less online. The average selling price for a timeshare week six years ago was $10,600 in the global market and $14,200 in the United States.

The current economy definitely makes now a good time for buyers to take advantage of timeshare promotions. If you are thinking about buying, this is a great opportunity for a weekend getaway at little no cost to you. If you do go, enjoy the timeshare experience and remember, it is OK to say “no, or not at this time.” Take the time talk to other owners about the quality of property maintenance and find out if they feel they would be repeat buyers. It’s this real, person to person, behind the scenes conversation that will help you the most in your decision.

And don’t limit yourself to just the United States. If you are the adventurous type, or just want to explore exotic locations, there are many properties located worldwide! While you are there, remember that you are in control. Bring a pen and paper to the presentation so that you can take notes. Write down the pros and cons of the timeshare property so you can reference them later, if and when you are sitting one-on-one with the salesperson.

If you don’t like what you’ve heard and are not interested, be honest. You are under no obligation to buy anything at one of these free timeshare presentations. Remember they are just that, free. They really are at no obligation to you. Remember, it’s a numbers game in the sales world. A certain percentage will say yes, some will say maybe or not now, and a percentage will be a flat “no”. Salespeople know that and are prepared for it.

You also don’t have to decide to buy a timeshare on the day of the presentation. The hard sell will occur then, but take a few days to objectively look at the positives and negatives of the timeshare promotion you may lose some 1st day incentives but it is better to be sure than to be sorry. If it is possible, get a copy of the timeshare contract to look it over before making a decision. Let the salesperson or manager know that you will contact them when you have decided.

Buying a timeshare is an important decision. This is your money and vacation time at stake so make absolutely sure it works for you. This way you can take advantage of the many timeshare promotions out there, even if you don’t become a buyer. Moreover, you’ll end up getting an inexpensive vacation! Yes it is possible to get something for almost nothing.

Look for a Timeshare Sale for a Great Vacation Opportunity

A vacation is not just a time for leisure and relaxation but also a wonderful break from the monotony of daily life. For those who love traveling, a timeshare provides affordable and convenient vacations. You can find timeshares for exotic locations from some well established companies or even look for timeshare sale from existing owners for destinations that you would like to visit. If you do not already own a timeshare, here are some good reasons why you should. It is not a difficult task to find a timeshare that offers you a chance to visit your dream locations.


A timeshare is a very flexible way to vacation. This flexibility is further enhanced by the numerous timeshare exchange companies that operate in the U.S. An exchange company is one that lets you swap your timeshare for another. If you are bored of visiting the same location year after year, then just exchange it for a different, more exciting one. There are many ways in which you can do this:

  • Exchange with members of the same timeshare company, through the company
  • Exchange with members of affiliates of the timeshare company or exchange company
  • Exchange directly with members of your own timeshare company without going through the company for the transaction

Carrying out your exchange through an exchange company with many affiliates gives you a much wider selection to choose from. You get to visit different locations without actually undertaking a timeshare sale.


Without a timeshare, you need to invest a lot of money and effort to arrange for accommodation at your destination well in time. Once you get there, you may find that the hotel or room falls short of the standards you had in mind at the time of booking. At times, you may even discover, upon arriving at your destination, that you don’t have a room because your advance booking has been accidentally overlooked. These problems will never crop up when you own a timeshare. You are guaranteed accommodation during a specific time annually and there are no rude shocks with respect to the quality of these accommodations.


A time share is a cost effective way to make your vacation memorable. Imagine visiting exotic locales on your own without having to spend a small fortune. Just paying the hotel bills can inflate your expenses to unaffordable proportions. Even if you do enough research about prices at your vacation spot, seasonal fluctuations can skew all your calculations. Instead of undertaking the anxiety filled task of booking expensive hotel rooms, opt for a timeshare to get a fair priced accommodation at a destination of your choice.

Buying timeshare

There are many timeshare companies that offer timeshare sale with availability listings online. Compare prices, amenities and other features to get a good idea of the fair price for the timeshare. Such listings make it easy for you to identify and opt for the right timeshares, making your vacation truly memorable.

Best Way to Enjoy Timeshare Vacations – For Free!

The best way to enjoy a vacation at all is to stay at a timeshare instead of a hotel. The difference between a timeshare and a hotel is that hotels are just a place for you to sleep and shower, and a timeshare is actually a condo that resembles a home away from home. It’s all about comfort and relaxation, which you can get more of when you stay at a timeshare.

There are a few ways you can go about enjoying a timeshare vacation. You can either buy one, or you can rent one.

If you buy a timeshare, you have to shell out at least $15,000 for the initial purchase price, and then you pay annual fees on it for the rest of your life. If at any point in time you decide you don’t want it anymore, you’ll find that it will be hard to sell because timeshares aren’t worth very much once they’re used. For this reason, timeshare owners usually end up putting their vacation properties up for rent in hopes of breaking even or getting some kind of return on their supposed investment at the end of the year.

If you rent a timeshare instead of buying one, you won’t have to worry about lifetime annual fees or any of the burdens of owning a timeshare. Instead you can visit discount travel websites or look for timeshares for rent. There are plenty of timeshare rental sites that that rent timeshares. When you rent a timeshare, you may be paying roughly the same rate per night as a hotel charges, but at least you are getting more for your money. You’d be lucky if you could find anything for less than $100 a night anywhere in this economy.

The best way, however, to enjoy a timeshare vacation is if you didn’t have to pay for the accommodations at all. Free timeshare vacations are plentiful and are essentially vacations that offer you free accommodations in hotels and resorts in exchange for a few hours of your time attending a timeshare presentation.

While free timeshare vacations may seem free, in theory, the only thing you are really covered for is the cost of renting a room. You are still responsible for taxes, transportation costs and the cost of food, drinks, shopping and extracurricular activities. Though it’s not a completely free vacation, it’s definitely a cheaper vacation in comparison to renting a room and paying for the accommodations yourself.

When you’re getting luxury for a cost you can actually afford, why bother with buying or renting a timeshare when you can get the accommodations alone for the cost of nothing.

The Truth Revealed About Timeshares

There are many of us that will never forget the day we bought our timeshare. It was full of bells and whistles celebrating our purchase, food, wine and a very happy salesperson. However, as we stare at our most recent maintenance fee bill that has (not surprisingly) increased since the prior year, we start to look back with a little bit of regret and the feeling of, “what did I get myself into!” These moments of regret and disappointment seem to be a fairly common within the timeshare owner community and there is certainly a reason why. A lot has changed in the timeshare industry and in most cases, negatively affected each and every owner. From increased maintenance fee bills, unexpected special assessments, and inability to get the week that you want to developers being bought out by other developers and all of a sudden, you own a completely different timeshare than the one you signed up for! If you are finding that your ownership is more of a burden for you than a blessing, then taking a closer look at the changes in the industry will help to make sense of why you are wishing you had never bought it to begin with.

We all know that the internet has practically made all things possible, from shopping, dating, banking, all the way to getting a degree, and the travel industry is certainly not one to be left out of the mix. The internet has given vacationers the ability to book hotels, rental cars, flights, cruises and most of the time you can get all of those things with one stop, at sites like Expedia and Orbit. The vacation rental opportunities are endless today, and yes, timeshares play a major role in the rental scene. Now, many timeshare owners may not realize how this could negatively affect their ownership or their ability to resell at first glance but after taking a good look at what this change has done to the value of timeshares, it all begins to come together. First of all, the timeshare rentals you can find online today are more often than not, much less expensive than what a timeshare owner will pay in maintenance fees. So if timeshares are now available to anybody who wants to go, and you pay less to go as a renter than you do as an owner, if you had the choice today to purchase a timeshare or just go when you want to, which would YOU choose? Basically what it comes down to is that timeshares are no longer “exclusive” to owners. Just about anybody can get onto the resort and enjoy a one week vacation. If you don’t have to own one to use one, then what’s the point? The incentive to purchase a timeshare has dropped significantly which of course makes reselling your timeshare much more challenging.

To those who haven’t spent a lot of time researching timeshares, there seems to be the reputation that they are a good investment, and that it will go up in value because it is “deeded” property. But one thing that many people fail to do when they are at the point of making the decision “to buy or not to buy,” is to check what timeshares are actually reselling for in the current market. Property value is not determined by the price it is listed at, but rather by how much it actually sold for and what properties like it/around it are also selling for. It doesn’t take long to see that timeshares on the resale market such as eBay, are “listed” for $0.01 to $200. What you would also find on eBay, is that timeshares for that price aren’t even selling at those low costs. Many people at this point would ask, “how could you pass up the great deals on eBay,” but the better question to ask is, “even if you could find someone who wanted a timeshare, why would they pay thousands for it when they can practically get it for free on eBay?” Resale sites like eBay have made the market incredibly competitive and many owners who have already spent thousands of dollars to buy into their program aren’t able to come to terms with the idea that all that money is gone. Yet, the harsh reality is, it IS gone…

Even without the fact that the accessibility of timeshare rentals and a depressed resale market has resulted in timeshare ownership becoming obsolete, there are many other factors that go into timeshare ownership that can be unbelievably daunting. One of the frustrations is called “maintenance fees.” Owners are billed every year (right around Christmas time) for their annual dues, which for many owners have gone up anywhere from $20 to 200% consistently. And “yes” if you take a vacation it pays for itself…but what happens when 10 years from today you’re paying $3000 for a week on the beach while everyone else is getting there through orbit at $1000 for the week. The truth is, an ever-increasing bill will only stay competitive for so long, until you are paying beyond premium.