Food Varieties – The Reason Why Traveling Is Exciting for People

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One of the most exciting parts of traveling is getting to sample the food of the new culture. You can, most likely, order some of these foods from a place in your town, Chinese or Taiwanese, but the experience is so much better when you can actually visit the people and taste their culture in their food

As an example, remember your favorite Japanese dish that you order every time you are in your local Japanese restaurant. When you actually travel to Japan, that dish will taste completely different.

This is because, when a person opens a restaurant in America, they try to localize the foods to draw in and keep the local customers. The local people’s palates are usually not ready for true ethnic foods.

The food in a fast food chain is usually the same in every town and country. However, the food at the restaurants in your hometown always taste different than the way the same food tastes in a town on the other side of the country.

This reason is why traveling is exciting for people.

People of a specific region have a very distinct way of cooking certain foods. An example is Texan dishes. People from Texas have a special knack for making their food spicy, but a chef from the best culinary school will not be able to match it without having been taught by a Texan.

Ethnic food is not ethnic without the background of the culture. Mexican dishes do not taste like true Mexican dishes if the chef does not understand enough of the culture to know why, how and how much of each ingredient to use.

It is impossible to emulate the dishes of an authentic ethnic chef. Therefore, if you want ethnic food you should travel to that place. Try some of every dish you can so you can have a true cultural experience on your trip.

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