The Best Adventure Travel Destinations

There are many places in this world which have something unique in them and people love having adventures there. I have added many places here which people consider the best places to have adventure. The most preferred adventure places of this world are as follows:-

1: Luang Prabang
This city is in Laos having a great atmosphere. This place is full of hills and rivers and if you are a lover of natural beauty then you are surely going to like this.

2: Bukit Lawang, Indonesia
Bukit Lawang is one of the best places to have adventure because of the great channels of water it has. Unfortunately this beautiful city was nearly destroyed of the Floods which came in 2003, however it is recovering now and I presume people would have a wonderful adventure there.

3: Yangshuo, China
If you want to get the taste of the perfect Chinese culture then Yangshuo is the best place to visit. This place has the the most beautiful natural scenery which the people would love a lot.

4: Myanmar, Asia
If you are a wildlife lover then this is the place you are looking for. This place has beautiful jungles and extraordinary wildlife. Myanmar has the best of village life and you can get an insight into the village life here.

5: Cesky Krumlov
This beautiful village is surrounded by a winding river. It has a beautiful castle, several museums, good hiking and other places to have adventure. Thus these were the most popular places where people can hang out for fun and adventure. One should really visit these extraordinary places to see how beautiful this world is.

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