Timeshare Promotions – Your Chance For a Free Holiday!

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The recent economy has drastically affected the vacation industry and timeshare promotions. Timeshare companies have made changes to their marketing packages by increasing the value you receive in exchange for attending a timeshare sales presentation. Most of us know that time share companies will provide discount vacation packages to popular travel destinations to attract potential buyers to the properties. Current timeshare promotions are offering bigger discount vacation packages while downplaying the typical old style hard sell presentation.

Timeshare companies find it profitable to sell discounted vacation packages at a loss, as a way to recruit new owners. Timeshares are considered a good idea as they provide the most value for your vacation dollar, plus you usually end up in a luxurious villa at the location of your choice with great service and amenities.

You definitely are thinking smart and long term when you take advantage of a well researched timeshare promotion. The low down is basically this: buy a timeshare and get tomorrow’s luxury resort vacation at today’s prices for a lifetime. Your cost of future vacations has essentially been frozen to the price of your timeshare and the annual maintenance fee. Time of year and location desirability are the two factors that determine your purchase price. Average prices range on the low end from 7K for a studio to 40K for a three-bedroom unit, according to timeshare giant RCI and I’ve seen units in beautiful locations for much less online. The average selling price for a timeshare week six years ago was $10,600 in the global market and $14,200 in the United States.

The current economy definitely makes now a good time for buyers to take advantage of timeshare promotions. If you are thinking about buying, this is a great opportunity for a weekend getaway at little no cost to you. If you do go, enjoy the timeshare experience and remember, it is OK to say “no, or not at this time.” Take the time talk to other owners about the quality of property maintenance and find out if they feel they would be repeat buyers. It’s this real, person to person, behind the scenes conversation that will help you the most in your decision.

And don’t limit yourself to just the United States. If you are the adventurous type, or just want to explore exotic locations, there are many properties located worldwide! While you are there, remember that you are in control. Bring a pen and paper to the presentation so that you can take notes. Write down the pros and cons of the timeshare property so you can reference them later, if and when you are sitting one-on-one with the salesperson.

If you don’t like what you’ve heard and are not interested, be honest. You are under no obligation to buy anything at one of these free timeshare presentations. Remember they are just that, free. They really are at no obligation to you. Remember, it’s a numbers game in the sales world. A certain percentage will say yes, some will say maybe or not now, and a percentage will be a flat “no”. Salespeople know that and are prepared for it.

You also don’t have to decide to buy a timeshare on the day of the presentation. The hard sell will occur then, but take a few days to objectively look at the positives and negatives of the timeshare promotion you may lose some 1st day incentives but it is better to be sure than to be sorry. If it is possible, get a copy of the timeshare contract to look it over before making a decision. Let the salesperson or manager know that you will contact them when you have decided.

Buying a timeshare is an important decision. This is your money and vacation time at stake so make absolutely sure it works for you. This way you can take advantage of the many timeshare promotions out there, even if you don’t become a buyer. Moreover, you’ll end up getting an inexpensive vacation! Yes it is possible to get something for almost nothing.

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