Timeshare Vs Retail Travel Vs Travel Clubs

, Timeshare

The first option we will look at in the travel industry is timeshares. You will spend $15000 to $40000 for new membership fees, or on resale, $9000 to $15000 plus the yearly fees. This is for one or two weeks per year, and mostly there are blackout times that you cannot use the facility. If you would like to go to a different part of the world and use a different facility within the particular origination you are in, there is a fee for that as well. This form of vacationing comes with the highest overall cost.

Another option is to use retail travel outlets either online, such as Expedia or Travelocity. Also there are many other online companies that offer this form of travel requirement. Also there are offline with a travel agency to help in vacation needs. These will typically cost $1000 per week and up depending what part of the world you want to go, and the luxury of the resort. With this option you can travel any time and any where you would like, and as much as you wish. This can be a costly way to vacation as well.

The other option that is available is a travel club. Some of these can get quite expensive, depending on the exclusivity of the club. There are others travel clubs that are quite affordable. There is a lower membership fee, however there are no service fees. The only other costs are the resort fees, which range from $300 to $700 per week. Some of the benefits to this type of vacationing is that you can vacation any time and as much as you wish with no blackouts. The resorts are the same calibre and mostly the same resorts that are available to timeshare owners and even some high end exclusive club resorts. The price of membership can be recouped within a couple of vacations. From there on it is just savings.

In summary you have multiple options for vacationing. You can choose the timeshare route, at a fairly high cost of ownership and very restrictive. You can choose using a retail travel outlet, with fewer restrictions, but is still fairly high cost of ownership over a longer period of time. Or you can choose the other alternative, which is a travel club. These tend to have the least restrictions. They also can be quite affordable and have the lowest cost of ownership over time.

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